Camerimage 2018
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Toruń, 9-16 November 2019



Cinéma Vérité Cinematography. DP Claudia Raschke

The goal of this workshop is to show how DP Claudia Raschke shoots cinema vérité handheld style,
and negotiates different aspects of a documentary scene, applying cinematic skills such as:

  • Composition & framing: balanced or stylized
  • Camera movement & timing motivated by dialogue & emotional dynamic
  • Coverage angles & shot size: ECU, CU, MED, WIDE, EST and OS shots
  • Choosing the best Canon optics and Canon C300 MkII setting for a cinéma vérité scene

Award-winning cinematographer Claudia Raschke is best known for her ability to bring the rich tones of the motion picture medium to a diverse spectrum of films, from highly stylized commercial endeavors to feature documentaries to lower-budget works of art. Among her many notable award winning films are: Oscar-nominated RBG, Oscar-nominated God is the bigger Elvis (HBO), Peabody Award-winning Black Magic (ESPN), Oscar short-listed Mad Hot Ballroom (Paramount), Particle Fever (Bond), Atomic Homefront (HBO), The Freedom to Marry (Argot Pictures) and many others

Workshop Center
Monday, 11 November 2019
11.00 a.m. – 02.00 p.m.
Gym of High School no. 10
9 Plac Św. Katarzyny Street, Toruń


Sumire Prime Lenses

Join Canon Seminar featuring Canon’s new Sumire Full Frame PL Prime lenses

This seminar will feature technology demonstrations by three cinematographers working on Sumire lenses in three different locations. They will share the experience of working on lenses, motion in post-production and footage review.
Attendees will have an opportunity to get touch & try with Canon’s latest Sumire Full Frame Prime Lenses paired with Canon’s C700FF camera and C500 Mk II, offering an artistically pleasing look, beautiful skin tones, and smooth bokeh.

The seminar will be hosted by Paul Atkinson, Canon European Product Specialist, Professional Video Division. Canon Europe

Special Guests
Hans von Sonntag Filmmaker directed a film, called Love Us, in the unforgiving light of Tenerife.
He shoot tested the capabilities of the Canon Sumire Prime series cine lenses to deliver a classic cinematic look.
“These lenses are kind of a modern interpretation of the best vintage lenses out there. They deliver plenty of sharpness but they still have this, well, vintage personality, and that is what many, many of us are after.”
Tania Freimuth tested out the Sumire Primes in a real-world scenario, she was tasked with shooting a cinematic short film in one the most challenging of environments – a dimly-lit restaurant at night. Tania found what she was looking for with the new Sumire Primes. “They have a very soft look, akin to a vintage lens, which in everybody’s minds emulates the film look. But these new lenses are designed to work with digital cameras, so there are certain attributes to them that are beneficial in modern filmmaking.”
Freek Zonderland challenged himself. So he shot many of the scenes in dimly-lit locations with the lenses wide open, and instead of using trained actors he used ‘real’ people.
“I’m not looking for a perfect lens at this point. But the Sumire Primes have an interesting look – a sort of bridge between softness but if something is in focus, it’s in focus. And then everything else is turned into this pool of unsharpness. That’s until the moment you stop them down – then the contrast comes back and everything gets sharper. I feel that they do stay sharp all the way open, but there is a softer quality to it.”

Wednesday, 13th November 2019
6.00 p.m. – 7.30 p.m.
Seminar Room, CKK Jordanki, Toruń

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