A close-up of a miner’s face looking down, lit by his headlamp


Daniel Etter tests the Canon EOS R to its low-light limits

The Canon Ambassador took the full-frame mirrorless system into the depths of a Romanian coal mine and captured some truly remarkable images.

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A female model stands outside in the foreground, with two other female models standing on a hill in the background. STORIES

Javier Cortés: the lens I couldn’t work without

The Canon Ambassador talks about his long-lasting love affair with his Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens.

05 gru 2018
A mother playfully dangles her laughing baby by the foot at home. ARTICLE

How to take candid family photos like Helen Bartlett

Canon Ambassador Helen Bartlett explains how she takes memorable black-and-white family photos in everyday places – and how the EOS R helps.

14 lis 2018
The kit Alessandra Meniconzi couldn't shoot without ARTICLE

The kit Alessandra Meniconzi couldn't shoot without

Find out how the Canon Ambassador simplifies "the most difficult tool in photography" for great portrait lighting.

04 gru 2018
A close-up of Sophia's head, in a suitcase and protected in bubble wrap, ready to be transported. STORIES

Portraiture or still-life – how do you photograph the world's most human robot?

On his recent assignment photographing the humanoid robot Sophia, Canon Ambassador Giulio Di Sturco faced a dilemma.

28 lis 2018
Carla van de Puttelaar’s painterly portraits ARTICLE

Carla van de Puttelaar’s painterly portraits

The photographer shares her approach to taking naturally-lit portraits inspired by the Dutch Masters.

27 lis 2018
A man in an orange boiler suit stands in a room with a wooden-panelled wall, two towels hanging from pegs. ARTICLE

Paolo Verzone on documenting people in the Arctic

Canon Ambassador Paolo Verzone explains how he battled epic shooting conditions to capture the essence of the Arctic.

20 lis 2018
Master in action: Sir Don McCullin in Kolkata ARTICLE

Master in action: Sir Don McCullin in Kolkata

This 19-minute film is an insightful and revealing portrait of a master of photography in action, in an environment that stretched him to his limit.

21 lis 2018
A blonde five-year-old girl lies on a green printed mattress, a hand stroking her hair ARTICLE

Magnus Wennman’s tilt-shift lens portraits

The Swedish photojournalist and Canon Ambassador’s emotive portraits of displaced children were achieved with a Canon TS-E 45mm f/2.8 lens.

13 lis 2018
In the Canon area at photokina, visitors walk down an area lined with gallery images, a Canon logo above them. EVENT

The best of photokina 2018

See the biggest highlights from the international photography show in 2018.

05 paź 2018
People look at three photos on a display - the left, of yellow flame-like flowing fabric, the middle, a close-up of a middle-aged man, the right of an older African woman in colourful printed clothes. NEWS

Free software makes prints 'pop'

Canon's Professional Print & Layout plug-in offers the future of printing, with selective sharpening for HDR prints.

12 paź 2018
IBC 2018 reviewed – the top trends and lessons EVENT

IBC 2018 reviewed – the top trends and lessons

4K, single user operators, post-production workflows. We explore the trends, technologies and products on show on the Canon stand at IBC 2018.

24 wrz 2018
A row of light blue flags at the entrance to the Photokina trade show. EVENTS

What not to miss at photokina 2018

From the best new kit to inspirational talks and awards, there’s something for everyone at photokina 2018.

19 wrz 2018
Students' views on the future of photojournalism EVENTS

Students' views on the future of photojournalism

How the next generation of photojournalists learnt from working professionals at Visa pour l'Image 2018.

07 wrz 2018
The stands filling with viewers at the outdoor night-time screening at Visa pour l’Image 2018. EVENTS

The best of Visa pour l’Image 2018

After another inspirational Visa pour l’Image, we reveal some of the highlights from this French festival of photojournalism.

13 wrz 2018
Welcome to a brighter, faster future NEWS

Welcome to a brighter, faster future

Meet the Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless system redefining future frontiers of photography and filmmaking.

05 wrz 2018
 Five things not to miss at IBC 2018 NEWS

What’s happening at IBC 2018

Here are 5 reasons you won’t want to miss out Canon’s stand at IBC 2018.

30 sie 2018

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