Photography Tutorial: Winter Photography

Add contrast
Winter mist might not seem a very promising condition for photography, but can be used effectively. Find an interesting subject you can position in the foreground. This could be a tree, or a signpost, or even a person. The mist will not have too much effect on subjects close to the camera, and they will have good contrast. Things further away, however, will begin to fade into the mist, giving a tremendous sense of depth to the image.

Use flash
Winter days can be grey and overcast so outdoor pictures of people in these conditions will benefit from the use of flash. It will add a little brightness to their faces, and put a sparkle into their eyes. A camera’s built-in flash is usually effective over a distance of about 3 to 4 metres. However, if your subject is a little further away, it is still worth using the flash – it won’t do any harm and might be effective. Take pictures with and without the flash so that you can see the difference it makes.

The flash will be switched on automatically in some shooting modes, but most cameras allow you to activate the built-in flash when you want it. Either way, the camera will try to balance the flash with the ambient light to give a balanced exposure.

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