Tutorial: Post Production

Picture Style Editor

All recent EOS cameras support Picture Styles and come with six styles built into the camera.


However, if you want even greater control over the colours in your images, you can create your own Picture Style. A program such as DPP will alter the colour saturation in an image, but this is applied uniformly across the entire image. Picture Style Editor lets you make changes to a limited range of colours. For landscapes, for example, you can choose to increase the saturation in just the greens and blues.

Once you have created your own Picture Style you can upload it to a compatible EOS camera as a User Defined Picture Style. This is the only way to apply the style to JPEG images. However, if you shoot RAW images, the style can be applied in DPP, which means that you can use it with images shot before you created the style.

Give it a go
If you haven’t tried the software supplied with your EOS, then now is the time to discover how it can help you. If you’ve investigated it a little, you can now go into more depth, armed with the knowledge of what you could achieve.

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